ENCG El Jadida actively encourages its students to attend five month courses or one year mobility at one of the European universities with which the school has bilateral agreements. We believe that our students benefit greatly from overseas experiences as they get to discover new countries with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities. One of the biggest benefits of Erasmus exchange program is that it boosts students CV and helps them stand out in the job market. Many employers nowadays consider an international experience to be important for recruitment because such an experience provides students with soft skills like adaptability, taking initiative and proactivity, which are crucial for their potential jobs. See more testimonials from our Erasmus Alumni.

Outgoing students

Our procedure of selection is based on transparency: Erasmus mobility grants/calls are announced on the website of Chouaib Doukkali University and on the Erasmus website of ENCG El Jadida as well as on social media. Grants are awarded to students who have the best grades and who meet the level of language recommended by the partner university.

More specifically, students (undergraduates or graduates) are selected based on their grades transcripts of each semester ( semesters that are completed successfully). Calculation of points is based on 80% of grades of major subjects related to management, and 20% of grades related to the English Language (or langauge of instruction). In addition, TOEIC Certificate (700 score) is required as a further proof of students’ good level of English (for students who will study in English).

Other skills are also considered such as:
Motivation, Intellectual ability, Analytical ability, Maturity, Determination to pursue an objective, Interpersonal skills in team work, ability to work in a multicultural context.

For undergraduates,  to apply for an Erasmus exchange, a students should be at least in the second year of higher education studies. Students who have previously received an Erasmus Mundus or Erasmus + scholarship that lasted longer than 7 months will not be eligible.

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Programme Guide 

Incoming students

To do an Erasmus exchange programme at ENCG Business School, you have to be selected by your home university, if we have an agreement with them. Please get in touch with your international coordinator in your home university and they will give you all details you need for the selection. For more information about documents, insurance, language support or accommodation for incoming students contact us.

Language requirements

Almost all courses at National School of Commerce and Management (ENCG) are taught in French language (except Business English classes). Still, One-to-one sessions of project/theses supervision can be done in English for incoming students. Also, incoming teachers can teach or give: conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops in English.

B2 Level of English is required for outgoing students/staff for study, research, training or teaching.

B2 Level of English is required for incoming students/staff who want to do research, training or teaching in English.

B2 Level of French is required for students who want to study at ENCG.

Language Courses at ENCG El Jadida 

One of the main objectives of the Erasmus+ programme is language learning and linguistic diversity. We therefore encourage incoming students or staff to study languages at ENCG El Jadida.

Arabic, French, English and Spanish language courses are offered at ENCG El Jadida as complimentary subjects; they are free of charge. The courses have a schedule of two hours per week.  Students who would like to attend the semester courses can register only after arrival.

Extra Language courses (English, French and Arabic) are offered to international students by the English Club of ENCG El Jadida. The courses are divided into three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Beginners Level (A1-A2)

This level is for those who never attended the selected language course. The main aim of the course is to help the student to understand single words and/or chunks in oral discourse, to use and understand simple, memorized written language with visual support, to use most common vocabulary, to use and understand phrases and short sentences in oral discourse, to use high frequency vocabulary. (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).

Intermediate Level (A2-B1)

This level is for those who have already attended the selected language course and are able to communicate in daily situations. The main goal of the course is to use and understand a series of related sentences in oral discourse, to use and understand simple writings, to use general and some specialized vocabulary, to enable students to take full advantage of lectures in their classes.

Advanced Level (B1-B2)

This level is for those who are already proficient in the selected language and need to develop specific language areas. The main goal is to use and understand a variety of complex sentences in oral discourse, to use and understand written language at grade level with instructional support, to use some specialized and technical vocabulary.

For more information, contact us.

Recognition of mobility period

Following the receipt of the transcript of records from the receiving institution, we recognize the student’s academic results successfully completed at the partner university. We recognize the number of credits and count them towards the student’s degree. For the staff mobility, their training and certificate(s) are also recognized in application for promotion.