Saraye’s Story

The semester that I spent in Las Palmas within Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility was the best 5 months of my life. I met people from different countries, I was lucky to be part of a class with 10 nationalities (Italian, German, Chinese, Spanish, Finnish, Senegalese, Mauritanian, Tajikistani, polish and Moroccans) so I had the chance to discover their cultures, religions, languages, and history while building new friendships, lifetime ones and improving my English. This mobility program gave me the chance to learn Spanish as a new language, as part of the classes I took but also during my stay because I used it to communicate with the locals. Professionally wise, studying abroad made my personality more flexible and easy to adjust in an international environment, whether in terms of working with groups with different backgrounds or in trying a different studying system, with new challenges and more skills to learn and a better willingness to learn. But the most important is that studying abroad is a key to make my profile more attractive to future employers.

Saraye’s Recommendation

This program was an eye-opener for me, it made me think about all the potential great adventures we can live as global citizens and all the great people we can meet and tie friendships with despite our differences. I am so grateful for this opportunity because thanks to it I was able to visit 6 more countries, discover a lot about them and make new friendships. I believe that living such an experience is something that I recommend and wish for everyone because it is full of opportunities and definitely a life-changing experience.