A rich experience at all levels…

My Erasmus experience was an eye opener for me; it allowed me to forge my personality, and learn new relational skills. I was lucky to be part of an international class with a lot of nationalities: Tunisian, Spanish, German, Italian, Finnish, French, Lithuanian, Indian, Chinese, Russian, Chilean, and Dutch some of them are now close friends with whom I had a lot of fun and good memories, it was the most original way to deeply discover their cultures religions and languages.

The Erasmus experience proved me that I was a lot stronger than I originally thought.

At the linguistic level, I improved my English and learned some Spanish too, before coming to Madrid I didn’t know a word in Spanish except “Holà” but practicing with locals was such a powerful tool to learn it in 5 months.

Professionally speaking, studying abroad made me more flexible and easier to adapt with situations and new environments, even if I don’t speak their language, I know it sounds weird but the studying groups revealed to me that I can interact with foreigners though we don’t speak a common language , it can also be an attractive point in my CV for my future employer.

A nice occasion to go out of your comfort zone …

I strongly recommend you to be part of this experience, it will be a nice occasion to go out of your comfort zone and start thinking outside the box, believe me you won’t regret it !

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