Studying abroad has given me a chance to learn how to be independent…

I always wanted to study abroad, so Erasmus program seems like the ultimate opportunity for me to realize that dream. In fact, studying abroad has given me a chance to really learn about myself, how to be independent and meet people from every  part of the world (and that’s the most beautiful part in this adventure). It really is amazing studying in Spain specifically because it allows me to learn a new language (Spanish which is the world’s fourth-most spoken language in the world). Especially since the homeowner whom I lived with wanted to learn English. So we agreed on teaching each other (me teaching her English, and she teaching me Spanish).
Actually, I think that everyone agreed that the hardest thing about studying abroad is the fact of missing your friends and family at home. But, the most difficult part for me was that at first, I didn’t know much Spanish and that was the hardest barrier that I had to overcome.
Nevertheless, and thanks to our coordinators in Spain and Morocco we were able to get the help we need especially when it comes to crucial matters (like opening a bank account for example).

I would like to give an advice for students who want to study abroad but are still hesitating, if you really want to enjoy a wonderful adventure and a fruitful experience, just go for it! I think it will really teache you to become an independent and responsible adult. It will open you up to opportunities you never knew before, and introduce you to people from different cultures.
I think, for me, being an international student was the best experience I had in my whole life.