I learnt how to work in a multinational context as I’ve put in mind from the beginning of my experience that I have to go out of my comfort zone…

I am so glad I had the chance to participate in this experience with different people from other nationalities and got to know them. My experience abroad as an Erasmus student was rich and it is still counting, I developed many skills like the teamwork spirit since I had this competence before going to the exchange and I’ve been working on it to make it more valuable during the project that we had to work on for the hole semester to present at the end and make a summary of it since it was a big project of ”sales plan” and need to be done in numbers and charts; the thing that I did not like to work on before , also I improved the competencies of dealing with changes as we were struggling; at the beginning of our experience with overlap of activities and subjects; me and my classmates from my home university had to deal with the situation and continue our studies normally ( it was hard since we could not change our subjects at first but then we were able to do so after a long way of patience and persuasion); so qualities such as patience and optimism were the most developed in my personality and that shaped me, also having means of persuasion helped me a lot to achieve any administrative or study purposes (so being a convincing person, in a good way, for the interest of both parts and not give up on what I really want is a good thing, that makes me get what I need).

Besides, I learnt how to work in a multinational context as I’ve put in mind from the beginning of my experience that I have to go out of my comfort zone and start working on projects with new people and build new relationships with them not just with my friends and people I know from my country (because if I did so, I won’t push myself to be a fluent speaker in English, I won’t take a step to express myself and I won’t show people my way of thinking because I will be in my comfort zone and then I won’t make progress). Then I tried to improve my critical thinking skills when it comes to agree or disagree with someone from my teamwork so I need to state my arguments and give my opinions in a respectful way, then discuss points of view and find a middle solution. Most of the time, I do cultural exchange with foreign friends so we get to know each other’s cultural level and we exchange ideas about our cultures and traditions, then we set similarities and differences. I also started my experience with a positive vibe and promised myself to be as optimistic as I can so I can always share positive attitude with people around me, get new real friends, be sociable and open minded.

Additionally, although I have been a tolerant person, I got to learn more about tolerance because I used to meet people from different cultures and religions so I learnt to respect everyone’s beliefs and orientation and still be a friend to them and accept them as human beings even with existence of dissimilarities. Last but not least, and concerning travel, I discovered the European culture generally and the Spanish one specifically, I did tourism inside Madrid, went to some small cities near Madrid and tried some typical Spanish dishes, I spent Christmas and celebrated the new year with a Spanish family, I was so lucky and had an opportunity that not anyone can easily get, I had the chance to know their traditions and how they celebrate each moment of the year. Before coming to Spain, I had in mind some stereotypes about Spanish people that I am, now sure hundred percent they are wrong and I realized that we do not have to judge people before living with them and knowing them deeply. And the best thing is that Spanish people were the kindest, generous and helpful ones. I visited also the city of lights: Paris, France and had fun with family. For real, all that had an impact on me and on my life far away from my family and people I love the most, I will be proud of this experience no matter what will happen next, it will be my best experience forever and ever! Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to live it fully!

If I will recommend something to other students, I will ask them without hesitation to go for the Erasmus experience no matter what! it is the best thing they can ever experience and go out from it with fruitful results. I just hope to have another semester here in Madrid or why not a year or two and get my master degree! But let’s encourage other students to have the same great experience as we had! And another thing, they should work hard to get higher marks so they can be selected in the Erasmus program, also they have to work hard as well for final exams once they are there to succeed their subjects!