Nabila’s Story

Erasmus mobility at Almeria has been a great learning and rewarding experience that has given me the ability to study within an international environment while having some great quality education, gaining great insight into many cultures worldwide; this experience has changed my perspective on many things…

Nabila’s Recommendation

Once you get to the host university they will provide you with all the information you need in order to be comfortable in your new environment it might be overwhelming in the beginning but once you settle down you will be ready to enjoy every moment of it from the amazing student activities to the trips you will enjoy.

You will come back home not only with the lifetime memories you experienced but also with some great quality education and professional training.  The university professors implement diversity by allowing the students to operate within working groups that are often composed by international students from different countries and backgrounds which makes the work and learning experience richer and more fulfilling.

This period also enables one to meet great people and build some lifetime friendships with international students. Personally I enjoyed all the great Erasmus trips and “one euro tour” I had with some amazing friends.