Throughout my Erasmus mobility, I managed to get out the best version of myself…

My mobility to Universidad Autònoma de Madrid (UAM) helped me develop myself a lot, not only professionally, which is a given, but also on the self-level, I feel more independent than ever, and I feel like I can rely on myself in anything, and not on parents or older people anymore. We were always told that, well in order to forge yourself and to reach this self-sufficient state of mind, you need to go through many hardships, and you need to see the bad side of the world. I can assure you, that is not true.

Throughout this Erasmus mobility, I managed to get out the best version of myself, in the best way possible. Personally again, I love learning new things, and especially new languages, I managed to get a high proficiency level in my English, to study in an A2- almost B1 level in Spanish, I managed to practice French, Korean and even Turkish with the  students I met in the campus of the university, it’s definitely a diversity!

I got to learn many other interesting subjects, in a different and fun way of learning, that you’ll never get bored of, I learned International Economics and Management, Foreign Trade Techniques, Business English and Spanish. A very educative multitude of other subjects and life lessons you can also learn. For example, when we were looking for rent, we had to prepare speeches in Spanish because most people tend to want to speak Spanish only, we also had to convince landlords to accept student tenants, and for only a semester period of time. We wandered all over Madrid while doing that, discovering its magical beauty and improving our sense of direction while taking advantage of our visual memory. It was overall fun, and thank God, we managed to find rent, and get out with a bunch of communication and social skills.

So, dear friends, “it’s all in the mind”, this is the most golden motto I ever learned. Open wide your eyes and mind and you’ll see beauty in the world. But in order to get, you also need to give, clearly, work hard and expect only good. I’m sure you got what I want to say. Get the best out of the experience, and never let the opportunity slip out of your hands, it’ll never be repeated again.