Laila’s Story

My Erasmus experience helped me to learn many things that influenced my life. First of all, it helped to get to know myself better and it changed completely how I view the world. It has been a challenge that enabled me to develop many skills such as: communication skills, I had the chance to work on project team with students from different countries (Spain, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Argentina,…); language skills, When I was in Spain, there was no other way to communicate than speaking Spanish, so I started learning it.

Concerning my social life, Erasmus gave me the chance to meet other students from the world over, students that became my friends. Plus my dream was always to get the chance to study abroad and Erasmus made my dream come true not only me but also my family, it made them feel proud of their girl.

In short, no words can describe how amazing my Erasmus adventure was. It strengthens my ability to face changes, to be more independent and creative to figure things on my own.


Laila’s Recommendation

Erasmus is a powerful experience, so my recommendation is to allow to more Moroccan students benefit from the Erasmus student exchange program.