Language is never a barrier to discovery!

The Erasmus mobility was, for me, a life changing experience, apart from the extensive academic content, living in a new country, very different in culture and lifestyle from my own, was the most challenging but yet most enriching side of the experience.
I had the chance, during my five months stay, to discover the beauty of Madrid, and also to visit many more beautiful places in Europe, including my dream destination which was Lake Como in Italy.
The Spanish language was a true challenge for me, however the courses I took and the interaction with people as kind, joyful and respectful as the locals, really made it easier for me to efficiently learn this charming language, and taught me that language is never a barrier to discovery.
The Erasmus experience certainly broadened my knowledge on so many interesting aspects of life and had a considerable influence on my life.

Erasmus mobility has been an experience I highly recommend to any individual wishing to evolve on both academic and personal levels. I sincerely wish that more of you can benefit from this life-changing opportunity, learn from it and enjoy it.

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