If another Erasmus opportunity shows up, I will never hesitate to go again…

If I’m going to talk about this experience, I’d say briefly is getting out from the comfort zone that I’ve always been into. I was always wondering how life would be outside my comfort zone? how am I going to behave and manage things? suddenly, the opportunity has come and it was bigger than I thought: Studying abroad, in Greece, for the whole semester! It was, for me, like a dream becoming true since I’ve always wanted to live this experience.

At the personal level, My experience started the moment my feet touched the land of Gods, Athens, the birthplace of democracy, philosophy and the Olympic games, I’ll never forget the first moment I’ve arrived at the airport, where I was out of data and in front a new language that absolutely I understand nothing about, I ended up taking the wrong bus (haha), from that moment I knew that life  won’t be easier as it used to be. But, through time I started to explore this beautiful country, I’ve loved everything right there, the food, the Greek mythology, the kindness of people, the weather and especially the most beautiful sunset ever.

At the professional level, as a postgraduate student, I had the opportunity to cooperate with professors in terms of research and also to acheive progress in my thesis which I consider the most important added value in this experience. My expectations were faraway different from reality, but of course, I regret nothing.

If another Erasmus opportunity shows up, I will never hesitate to go again.

All I can say to the future Erasmus students, besides all the challenges that you’ll be facing right there don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate, just do it, I’m sure in this adventure you’ll be able to meet the new you.